Thursday, May 29, 2008

KRin has some observations on life

To the people with iPods and such on the train : if I can hear YOUR iPod music over my iPod music while I have earphone buds in my ears, your music is WAY TOO LOUD! To this path leads deafness.

The drivers in Melbourne: Red lights mean STOP, not continue what I am doing and cross the intersection into the path of the oncoming cars.

The the cyclists riding on the footpaths : GET OFF THE DAMN FOOTPATH! Yes, the road may be crowded and you may be threatened by this but pedestrians have right of way on the footpath. Thats why its called a FOOTPATH! You have to get out of the way of pedestrians, not the other way around. And wearing your helmet, not having it handing on the handlebars is another damn good idea.

Are we breeding stupid humans nowadays or we always this dim?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

KRin has gastroenteritis

And its no fun at all. Last time I had gastro Ian was alive so it was at least 10 years ago. I had forgotten just miserable the whole experience is. Got myself dehydrated over the last weekend and in a confused state, drove myself up to the emergency section at the hospital. They put a litre of saline into me, gave me some rehydration salts and told me to stay away from other people as I was infectious. Since then a cheerful round of loo and bed has been my life. Bloody awful way to lose weight. I will get better but its so damn slow.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KRin has her first MRI...

and what a weird experience that was boys and girls! Did some checking up before I went on Monday night (what else would you expect???) so had some idea of what was to happen. Luckily, as I was having ankles done I could go in feet first. I think head first might have been a wee bit freaky. The most astonishing thing for me was the noise it made! It's just very powerful magnets so why would the machine make so much noise!!!! NOw just have to wait for the next Outpatients appointment to see what Mr Doctor says. He can go jump if he suggests surgery.

The other slightly weird thing was how badly lit it is around the hospital. Very few street lights. Maybe the hospital is trying to hide?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Mir/Observations on life

Mir is fine. Won't be building a cat enclosure though - $3000! I'm going to just replace the fences instead - that is an essential and will kill two birds with one stone. Then allI have to do is wire over the top. Mir tried a bid for freedom on Saturday - she jumped up onto the reed fencing which then bent down at an angle of 45 degrees so so had to jump off - she didn't utter a sound while doing this. She knew she was doing something wrong.

Had a lovely afternoon tea for j's birthday yesterday afternoon. Lots of yummy food and I was able to apply my sandwich making skills to help.

Signs are up on the Eastern Freeway for the tollway extention to Ringwood. Yes, there are covered up but they must be ready to go. Won't be travelling any further than Springvale Rd - I'm not paying a toll to a private company to travel on a road in Victoria. I'll go the long way around thank you very much!

Got a new monitor on Saturday - bliss! Now just have to adjust it.