Friday, March 21, 2008

Tolerance on public transport

Lady fainted on the train on Wednesday morning (I actually saw her lying on the floor of the train so I can confirm this). The train therefore stopped at Richmond. Yes, it did tack Connex staff a little while to get things going and about 15 minutes before the ambulance turned up. It was the other train passangers that I found to be behaving oddly. Firstly, the passengers in the carriage where the lady was seemed reluctant to actually leave the carriage - maybe they thought she would just be tipped off and the train would go on its way. Secondly, the anger of the passangers who were now held up - I'm quite sure the lady didn't faint on purpose just to annoy the other passengers and make them late for work!

I'll throw a couple of words in and suggest anyone who doesn't feel sympthay for someone ill on public transport look them up in a dictionary - "empathy" and "compassion".

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