Thursday, May 29, 2008

KRin has some observations on life

To the people with iPods and such on the train : if I can hear YOUR iPod music over my iPod music while I have earphone buds in my ears, your music is WAY TOO LOUD! To this path leads deafness.

The drivers in Melbourne: Red lights mean STOP, not continue what I am doing and cross the intersection into the path of the oncoming cars.

The the cyclists riding on the footpaths : GET OFF THE DAMN FOOTPATH! Yes, the road may be crowded and you may be threatened by this but pedestrians have right of way on the footpath. Thats why its called a FOOTPATH! You have to get out of the way of pedestrians, not the other way around. And wearing your helmet, not having it handing on the handlebars is another damn good idea.

Are we breeding stupid humans nowadays or we always this dim?

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