Sunday, June 29, 2008

KRin has to think about her future

I feel my job is going at the end of the year. No, there isn't any definate proof as yet as the library review is still being undertaken but I feel the writing is on the wall in big letters. So, do I stay and wait for the job to disappear or do I go? There hasn't been a great number of jobs I could apply for - I do keep any eye out. I can't stand for long periods of time so maybe working in a cafe is out. Yes, I can stil be a library technician but the field is small.

I will have to put aside some money - so goodbye to my holiday money and hello to emergency money. I will cut back on eating out - no more buying lunch on Tuesdays before I start work at the op-shop. No more taking vitamins - when the current lot run out that will be it and I will see if they were actually doing anything! Finishing the floor in the kitchen and the tiling in the bathroom will both go on hold. Also the paving down the side of the house will go on hold as well.

I felt myself wondering yesterday if it would have been better if I had gotten cancer rather than Ian. He would have contributed more to the world than I ever could. Morbid but true when you think about it realistically.

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krin said...

Good lord, I was little depressed that day wasn't I!