Tuesday, July 22, 2008

KRin and stuff

Good and bad...head cold almost gone, had a great day last Friday and walked the most I have ever walked - according to my pedometer. Went to a fannish event on Sunday afternoon - was quite shocked to see someone I knew in the past had last about half has body weight and is waiting for a lung transplant. Good thing is that the Melbourne Science Fiction Club wants to do an event for the 10th anniversary of Ian's passing - will have to get cartoons scanned and copied by November.

People next door sold their house about 3 months back and never spoke to me from the day the house was sold. Walked past their place Monday night and they were gone! Not a word was said and they have a set of my house keys. I didn't do anything to upset them - honest! I suppose people go a little funny with the stress at this time. Moving is hell.

Melbourne has had more rain, nice but not enough. Winter like it was maybe 10 years back, people have forgotten how cold it gets...

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