Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who gives a toss really?

The wife of the stores manager here had a baby last night. Nice for them, hope they are happy. The people in the office have gone mad! There has been no work done for an hour and they are now cackling in the office behind me as they wrap a huge present. The big boss is away today so I suppose people are just taking advantage of that. It's just a baby, thousands are born every day. Get over it guys!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The stupidity of my workplace

I work in a service industry - a library to be exact. The purpose of our library is provide information and education to people working in the organization. It isn't doing that well at the moment, despite my best efforts. One major reason for this is my Fool of a Boss. The man is an idiot, he is rude, unsure of himself and suffers from a complete lack of any communication skills. The situation is not helped by the fact that the physical library is now tucked up behind stores - I actually know someone couldn't find it the other day when they went looking for it! So, Big Department Boss has arranged for an idependant assessment of library services. Hurray say I. Fool Boss is already running scared. Not that I have been told much at all, I hear most of what is happening through the wall as the Big Department Boss has his office next door. Fool Boss has sent me an email to say I am to talk to the Consultant with him there, no on your life sunny Jim, there is a lot I need to say that won't be said if you are breathing down my neck.

For instance. Book requests from staff for books held outside our library. Staff fill in a request form available on the intranet, which is currently passed onto Fool Boss. He prints them out and hands them to me. I process the request, find a library that holds the book, obtain the book and it is posted to us. I process the book into our organization. Fool Boss them internal mails it to client. Client has no idea I actually do the work and Fool Boss thinks he is doing a good job. This won't be continuing if I have any say in the matter.

More to come...

Tolerance on public transport

Lady fainted on the train on Wednesday morning (I actually saw her lying on the floor of the train so I can confirm this). The train therefore stopped at Richmond. Yes, it did tack Connex staff a little while to get things going and about 15 minutes before the ambulance turned up. It was the other train passangers that I found to be behaving oddly. Firstly, the passengers in the carriage where the lady was seemed reluctant to actually leave the carriage - maybe they thought she would just be tipped off and the train would go on its way. Secondly, the anger of the passangers who were now held up - I'm quite sure the lady didn't faint on purpose just to annoy the other passengers and make them late for work!

I'll throw a couple of words in and suggest anyone who doesn't feel sympthay for someone ill on public transport look them up in a dictionary - "empathy" and "compassion".

Life lessons

When laying pavers in the yard and need to tap them with the mallet to seat them properly, remove your finger before doing so. Having not removed my finger, I tried to ignore the pain as I had been so stupid as to hit my finger. This didn't last and I came inside to ice the damn finger. This actually hurt more. I shall have quite a nice bruise.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Interesting things blogs. Can be very,very boring or exciting reading. I suspect mine will be the former.