Thursday, April 3, 2008

Melbourne's Wild Weather

I was caught in the train chaos, like thousands of other people. It took me 4 hours to get home. Finally caught a tram going the other way out of the city, changed to a tram going back into the city so I could get a seat. At Box Hill was able to catch the local bus, although this was held up by every person getting on asking the driver if he stopped at so-and-so street and an elderly gentleman arguing with the driver as he wasn't going the way he wanted him to go. Hopefully the total collapse of the train system will prompt the government or Connex to develop some sort of emergency plan for the next time this sort of thing happens.

Still have no landline or internet connection at home, this could take a few more days to fix.

Yard full of leaves but no major tree damage. Fella up the road has a tree take out his front fence. Blackburn Station Street shops had no power for about 36 hours. Some place in the city still out and it could be a week before the power is back.

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krin said...

Back online as of Sunday morning. Didn't quite realise just how much I depended on the link to the world!