Thursday, August 7, 2008

The straw has broken on the camel's back

I have to leave this stupid job as soon as possible. No more just thinking I have time and I can wait it out. Any organization that refers to its support service as a "Business unit" has to be gotten away from in a big hurry. I joined the Cancer Council to make a difference and my ethics are now being sorely tested. It isn't possible to put a price tag on good service, empathy, listening or pride in your job. The heart has been pulled out of the library and I am not going to wait around for the corpse to stop twitching. I will be applying for anything I can from now on and hope to be out of here in a month. I don't like to leave the people who appreciate the service in the lurch but the management here has made it impossible to for me to continue working here and still uphold my values. My job is actually making me sick - I've my second cold in a month, I'm anemic, need Vitamin B12 shots and my sugar levels are a bit suspect. I will not be a candidate for diabetes.

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Tim Jones said...

Good luck with the job search!