Friday, September 5, 2008

I was going to rant and rave about work...

but then I realised it would be boring for others to hear about the people I work with and that karma will catch up with in time- the people I work with that is- and they will get what they deserve in life and no amount of bad feelings on my part with make any difference. I will just say they are showing their true colours and are unlikely to be happy people in the long run.

When the young lady moved into the house behind me, for some reason the landlord cut off all the branches of the gum tree in the backyard that were hanging over the back fence. This made the tree lopsided. It looked dangerous and this morning a young man was hanging from a rope and chainsawing lump off the tree that was left. I have no objections to a dangerous tree being taken down but it might of been nice to actually tell the neighbours what was going on. The noise of the grinder is incredible!

I cleaned out the small plastic pond in my backyard this morning and refilled it with clean water in preperation to getting a goldfish for it tomorrow. As i then moved it slightly to get the pump cord from under it, it split and dumped about 50 litres of water in a wave across the yard. I'm upset about the water loss more than anything else. I had been thinking bad thoughts so the universe got me back. I found the other plactic barrel and repeated the process, this time making sure the cord was out of the way.

I didn't get retrenched a few weeks back so my mother has booked up a holiday for last week October - first week November to go to Queensland so I can see the nephew (now 10) I have never seen. Not being retrenched means I have more time to look for another job. There was also some good news with my tax - I have to follow that up some more.

November this year will be the 10th anniversary of Ian's death. I'm already feeling I might not handle this too well. Might also have a dinner at the local Mexican restaurant as Ian's liked going there.

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