Friday, February 18, 2011

Assessing Medical information - some journals

There are many journals out there that have free content. Some are just too darn hard to understand but the summaries of the articles may be enough for the information you are seeking.

The Lancet :
One of the major medical journals in the world. Published since 1820.

British Medical Journal :
Can register for some free content. They practice continuous publication - articles appear on before being included in the print issue. Published since 1840.

Medical Journal of Australia :
The online archive has information from 1996. You have to register with the site and not all articles are available but it has some good clear information with an Australian focus. The journal itself has been published since 1914.

Libraries can obtain copies of articles for you - but be aware that inter-library loans can be expensive (they were about $20 when I left 2 years ago). The state libraries will have copies of a lot of journals and you can go into university libraries without actually being a student at the university - just don't try to borrow any books!

Any questions - just ask.

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Muhammad Amir said...

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