Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee qualifications

Last night I did a short course - "Prepare and serve espresso coffee" at Hospitality Training Australia restaurant in North Melbourne. And yes, I did pass. This college runs courses for the hospitality industry at about a third of the price that TAFE's run the same courses.

Now, I treated this as a job in a real cafe. I dressed accordingly. Wore closed shoes, tied my hair up, took of my jewelery (so nice to put my rings and bracelets on again this morning!). There were 10 people in the class. I won't say anything about the clothing except to say most cafe owners would make them go home and change before work! One lad had thongs on. Two girls were dressed in skimpy summer dresses and strappy shoes. Two of them didn't even drink coffee! How could you rate the coffee you make if you don't drink it?

I made two cups of coffee and was able to drink one and it wasn't too bad.

Sometimes I feel so damn old.

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